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Central Fire Station


Central Fire Station RenderingThe Peekskill Central Fire Station

Investment: $15,000,000

Size:  36,583 square feet

The City is confident that the new Central Fire Station will be a key selling point for both residential and commercial developers and will bring jobs and new revenue sources to the Peekskill economy. The new facility will make Peekskill’s fire response more efficient and better position the City for future growth. It will also serve to reassure businesses owners, looking to set up shop here, that the City is well prepared for all emergencies and can protect their investments in Peekskill.

The proposed Central Fire Station will be 36,583 square feet in size in order to accommodate all fire companies based on current codes and standards. It would also include off-street parking for approximately 40 vehicles and offer the City a number of benefits, including:

  • Improved coordination and execution of departmental operations including fire inspections, training, and fire hydrant testing
  • Reduced maintenance and operating costs (two buildings rather than four buildings)
  • Sanitary and modern sleeping and eating accommodations for staff
  • The elimination of daily fire truck movements around to different firehouses to facilitate training and staff coverage
  • Improved communication and coordination of organizational policies and procedures as the result of creating a central training facility

When completed, the Central Fire Station will further serve as an attractive gateway to downtown Peekskill and revitalize an area that could benefit from public amenities — including a meeting space, catering facilities and a fire department museum — that promote community involvement and tourism.

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