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Lincoln Depot & Plaza

Artist's rendering of Lincoln Depot

Artist’s rendering of Lincoln Depot

Development Type: Public plaza and museum

Location:  Waterfront District

Start Date:  2013

They came in droves. Townspeople and countrymen, from the City and from the hills. The men and women flocked to the Peekskill waterfront on February 19, 1861 to see President-elect Abraham Lincoln deliver a speech at Peekskill Depot.  Lincoln’s inaugural tour started in his hometown of Springfield, Illinois, came east across Pennsylvania and New York, then south through Peekskill en route to Washington, DC.

Today, the depot, which sits just north of the City’s bustling Metro-North commuter rail station, is home to the Peekskill Lincoln Depot Museum.  Transformative redevelopment efforts are underway to create a gorgeous public plaza surrounding the museum with enhancements to the building itself.  In fact, the entire Peekskill Waterfront District is undergoing a major redevelopment which will expand and enhance public space in addition to attracting private investment.  Several businesses are now setting up shop and thriving in the once-dormant Waterfront District.

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