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City of Peekskill Passes New Fund Balance Policy Aimed at Accelerating Economic Development


Mayor Foster and Common Council to Make “Big Three” Credit Rating Agencies Aware of the City’s New, More Fiscally Prudent, Fund Balance Policy.

Peekskill Bay: A rendering of the City's redeveloped Waterfront District

Peekskill Bay: A rendering of the City’s redeveloped Waterfront District

The City of Peekskill announced that it has approved a modification to its Fund Balance Policy that requires maintaining a Fund balance of between 15 to 25 percent of operating expenses. The policy, which will ensure that Peekskill maintains a solid, positive credit rating, took

effect on January 2, 2013.

“This is a great day for economic development in Peekskill,” says Mary F. Foster, Mayor of the City of Peekskill. “By maintaining our credit worthiness, we open the door wide to economic development, more jobs and new revenue sources. A solid Fund balance also shows that Peekskill is taking proactive steps to be fiscally responsible.”

The Mayor explained that a prudent Fund balance is viewed favorably by credit agencies reduces the cost of borrowing. “This can help save Peekskill taxpayers millions of dollars.”

Peekskill officials passed the resolution to modify the City’s Fund Balance Policy during the December 27 Special Common Council meeting. During the meeting, Mayor Foster indicated that she and the Peekskill Common Council would immediately contact the world’s “Big Three” credit rating agencies — Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s, and Fitch Group – to make them aware of the policy change.

Once it takes effect, the new Fund Balance Policy will bring Peekskill’s Fund balance in line with other, similar municipalities in the area and reflect best practice guidelines from the New York State Comptroller and Government Finance Officers Association.

Fifty miles north of Manhattan, The City of Peekskill is among the historic Hudson River towns in Westchester. Formerly one of New York’s manufacturing bases, Peekskill underwent economic revitalization in the 1990s. It is home today to many small businesses and medical facilities, as well as a thriving downtown hub that has attracted galleries, coffee houses, restaurants, and artists’ studios. The Paramount Theater is an important component of that hub. Visit for more information.

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