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City of Peekskill Awarded $425,000 in Regional Economic Development Grants


State Funding for Three Projects Will Help Renovate Buildings in the Downtown Historic District; Design the Southernmost Portion of the City’s Riverwalk and Update the Waterfront Comprehensive Redevelopment Plan 


Riverfront, water, people nightThe City of Peekskill announced today that it has been awarded $425,000 by New York State’s Regional Economic Development Councils (REDC) for three projects aimed at enhancing the City’s Downtown Historic District and waterfront. The funding was secured through a successful partnership between the City of Peekskill, New York State Senator Greg Ball (Patterson-R, C), Governor Cuomo, the REDC and its local partners.

“This is another positive step for economic development in Peekskill,” says Mary F. Foster, Mayor of the City of Peekskill. “The City lobbied virtually every resource for the funds necessary to restart our successful Main Street Grants Project. We look forward to once again working with our downtown property owners to create a more vibrant business and arts district.

“And, we thank the Governor, Senator Ball and the REDC for demonstrating their support of our vision for the waterfront through this funding. Our Local Waterfront Revitalization Program promises to create opportunities for Peekskill that extend beyond the City’s shoreline.”

Peekskill’s Downtown and Waterfront projects were among seven key projects throughout the Mid-Hudson Region advocated by Senator Ball, who noted: “We didn’t get every penny we fought for, but we got a good share and we will continue to lobby for an even greater share as the process moves forward.”

REDC funding for projects in Peekskill was allocated as follows:

1) $250,000: Peekskill Downtown Project — Funds will be used to assist property owners in Downtown Peekskill on Bank Street and South Street from South Division to Nelson/Union Ave, and Main Street for building renovations. Funds will also be used for streetscape improvements on South Street from South Division to Nelson/Union Ave, as part of a comprehensive sidewalk, lighting, and infrastructure improvements project to be undertaken by the City of Peekskill. The project anticipates participation by six or more property owners in the area with approximately four residential units and six commercial units to be assisted. All buildings being proposed for assistance are contributing buildings to the Downtown Historic District. Funding will be administered by the Peekskill Facilities Development Corp.

2) $125,000: Peekskill Multi-Use Waterfront Trail — Funds will be used by the City of Peekskill to design a multi-use waterfront trail and related amenities along its Hudson River shoreline from Charles Point Pier Park to the Charles Point Marina and parking lot. This trail segment will advance the Westchester County’s planned Riverwalk with the City.

3) $50,000: Peekskill Waterfront Revitalization — Funds will be used by the City of Peekskill to update its Local Waterfront Revitalization Program adopted in 2004 to refine its vision for its waterfront area and adjacent downtown.  Since the completion of the LWRP, the City has successfully implemented many of the projects and initiatives it set out to advance.  In addition, this update will incorporate a waterfront “Blue Plan,” which will focus on issues and opportunities extending beyond the City’s shoreline and into the Hudson River.

“With its diverse community assets and key cultural attractions, the City of Peekskill is already attracting new businesses and interested developers,” Mayor Foster explained. “We view these grants as a wonderful opportunity to accelerate our efforts to bring new investment and more job opportunities to Peekskill.”

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